Need I say more?

The scale says it all.  weight


Let’s try this again!


I think I’ve finally found a way to have a new blog that is connected to my old blog (

I need to lose around 60 pounds.  Ugh.  That’s ugly.  In the next day or two I’m going to weigh in and maybe take some photos of me.  Everything but my face and private areas, I guess.  I think people will enjoy watching me shrink, that is, if I DO manage to lose some weight.

I will also try to share my feelings about the whole process.  That’s hard.  It makes me feel weird but I think it will be good for me, and for anyone might need to lose a few pounds of their own.

Finally, I will try to share what I ate.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Sometime I don’t know exactly what I ate.  I eat free food from a church or soup kitchen almost every day.   Sometimes I don’t have a name for the stuff they give me.  I could take a photo, when I’m not sure and maybe we can figure it out together!

See ya around!